“Agent Provocateur” / Tryptamine

Nearly a decade out from their previous full length release, the psychotropic soothsayer duo of IDM, Tryptamine, have re-emerged with their third and truly hypnotic release yet. Agent Provocateur is a drug induced militant transmission from another plain of existence altogether. Weaving an undeniable incantation via ecstatic guitar riffs and synth lines that fold seamlessly in and around relentless 808s.

Written & Performed by Charles F. Moreland III & Tristin Morin

Produced, Recorded, & Mastered by Charles F. Moreland III

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This release stretches out into aggressive and dark territory, albeit staying true to the duo’s electro-psychedelic past. Along with Agent Provocateur comes the alternate reality Television broadcast company, known as WDMT. Each track on the EP will be attached to a different episode/ transmission from WDMT, set to de-program and indoctrinate it’s listeners via Youtube.