“Refreshment” / Adaboi

Adaboi is a collaborative project between Charles F. Moreland III & Jon Dose. Our debut release, entitled “Refreshment” is not just a clever title.  It is an invigorating delve into the psyche of two stimulating producers working together to create an album unique even to their own inclinations.  The collection of tracks features guest vocalists Katie Foxworth & Jeece, as well as jazz musicians Tyler Little (drums) & Sam Flowers (horns) from the group Sexual Disaster Quartet.   The result is a finite illustration via exploration of emotive frequencies synthesized & developed through perpetual creativity.

Written, Produced, Recorded, Mixed, & Performed by Charles F. Moreland III & Jon Cherney

Trumpet – Sam Flowers (of Sexual Disaster Quartet)

Drums – Tyler Little (of Sexual Disaster Quartet)

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