Experimental / Jazz / IDM

Ergoline Transit, Tryptamine‘s debut release is a journey through the mind and psychoactive properties of sound.    Pieced together from a vast array of recording sessions and guest musicians, this release is an experience in the dynamic nature of the infinite universe.  With this offering being almost impossible to classify into a single genre, the experimental production/instrumentalist duo of Tristin Morin (aka Futurebum) and Charles F. Moreland III coils through beats, drones, & life.  Guitars, synthesizers, horns, & vinyl scratches overlie avant-garde ventures into edm branches such as jungle, trip-hop, and house music in this genuinely unique collection of music.


Written, Recorded, Produced, and Performed by Charles F. Moreland III & Futurebum


Mixed and Mastered by Charles F. Moreland III