Downtempo / Electro-Acoustic / World

I moved to Nepal in early 2020. After exploring I began living in Pokhara, Nepal for 2 years to work on new music and vibe out. My studio consisted of ableton live, small genelec monitors, universal audio apollo x4, make noise modular synth, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and a few small electronics. I also began a new collection of Nepali instruments including madal, bansuri, shehnai, murchunga, tungna, bells, and singing bowls. The culminating album is a unique blend of downtempo, jungle, tribal, atmospheric, textural, idm, experimental, world, and jazz inspired by the Himalayan Mountain vibrations.


Written, Recorded, Produced, Performed, Mixed and Mastered by Charles F. Moreland III


Drums by Bishal Pertel

Handpan by Gerrit Nitsche

Cover Art by Babita Shrestha