Downtempo / Acoustic / Trip-hop

“Unrequited” is an electronic album featuring a collection of melancholy lost-love anthems generated solely with acoustic instruments & vintage gear. Melding these live organic sounds ranging from glockenspiel, upright bass, guitars, dulcimers, accordion into field recordings, vintage keyboards, analog synthesizers, and a multitude of percussion; “Unrequited” has audibly authentic emotional character unique to electronic producers. Providing sample material, Charles used a plethora of guest musicians including Tristin Morin (aka Futurebum) on classical guitar, Tyler Little (of Sexual Disaster Quartet) on drums, Kirk Reynolds (of Goldenrod) on keyboards, and Byron Farrar on cello.


Written, Recorded, Produced, Performed, Mixed and Mastered

by Charles F. Moreland III


Keys by Reverend Kirk Sunrise

Classical Guitar by Tristin Morin

Drums by Tyler Little

Cello by Byron Farrar